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Safari lovers should go wild over these gorgeous giraffe cufflinks for men to wear and enjoy. The gentle giant that is a giraffe makes an unusual jewelry themed gift that can be treasured and worn forever.

Are you hunting for some unusual items to suit a man who is pretty wild at heart. This animal with its graceful neck and gentle nature looks wonderful encapsulated into some stunning metal shirt accessories.

These are the perfect gift to buy for stylish men who are tricky to get gifts for. A piece of male jewelry that can be easily changed to match moods or occasions.

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Realistic Looking Wild Safari Animal Giraffe Cufflinks for Men

giraffe jewelry cufflinks pair

Image Credit: Shared by Carol VanHook on Flickr with a CC License

⭐ There are some very cute looking giraffe cufflinks online if you know where to look. There are even some realistically painted ones that come with eyes made from smoked topaz Swarovski crystals. Buy some giraffe cufflinks at Look out for ones that come in a presentation box just ready for gift giving.

Giraffe cufflinks bought online are something that will undoubtedly be treasured always. You can even get some that show the full animal, including its long neck that seems to stretch up forever. They are ideal for someone who collects these items or loves giraffes and wild African safari animals.

giraffe cufflinks men

Get these Giraffe Cufflinks from

UK Readers get Giraffe Cufflinks Online from

I like the look of this design which features the full body of these gentle giants of the African plains. These ones look colorful with the animal print and painted detail.

The nice addition is that of the eyes of this creature which feature some Swarovski crystals. I like that they are different from the standard face versions that you get of this animal.

There are a number of alternative options for giraffe cufflinks. Silver colored ones are easy to find although do not expect them to be solid or even plated silver. If they are actual silver, they should be stamped metal to say so.

Graphics and More Giraffe - Zoo Animal Safari Round Cufflink Set - SilverGiraffe Cufflinks comes with gift box

It is best to really check out the details before you buy if this is an important factor. The same goes with gold giraffe cufflinks. Always assume they are not actual gold unless you find that they carry a genuine hallmark.

Silver color giraffes are cute and a great option if you're not looking for painted cufflinks and want pieces which make a less obvious statement on around the wrist and cuffs of your shirt. These would look great worn with a white, black or gray smart dress shirt.

There's also the shining sterling silver giraffes which look like baby animals to me because their necks are a little shorter in proportion to their bodies. These are slightly more expensive which makes them more of a precious gift.

Giraffe Print Impressions Men's Cufflinks Cuff Links SetGiraffe Cufflinks, Wood Hand Made in the USA

How about the giraffe print cufflinks which are loud and proud. Animal prints are a fantastic design and the perfect safari jewelry to go with a matching animal print or African style shirt. Animal prints are often in vogue and you can get some in chocolate and beige colors which would work well with shirts in that particular colorway.

eBay is worth a look because it has a good collection of giraffe items and cufflinks which you can see. Whether you're hunting for new, novelty, expensive or antique designs, eBay is often likely to meet your needs so it is well worth a look. Search away on this auction site for exactly what you want but beware of any deals or offers which seem too good to be true. Always check out the seller ratings.

These really are the perfect items to finish off that good quality suit or dress shirt and they'd work perfectly with a tan or brown color suit along with a dark chocolate tie and shoes to complement the giraffe's eyes. Look out for handcrafted giraffe cufflinks too on Etsy who specialize in unique designs.

Giraffes truly are gentle giants of the African plains. They are a graceful, peaceful and elegant animal who will look sophisticated in a jewelry art form for the cuff of any discerning gentleman.

For a special occasion gift, some sterling silver and hand painted designs are a real work of art. More than just novelty animal jewelry, this metal has been crafted to show incredible, life-like detail on the face of the giraffe.

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