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Little Giraffe Stuffed Animals and Plush Soft Toys

Little giraffe stuffed animals and plush toys make for such sweet and graceful items for babies, toddlers, kids and even adults.

There is an amazing range of stuffed giraffe animals that you can choose from and it's easy to see why. This gorgeous, safari animal from the African plains is a tall, elegant and peaceful creature. It is a gentle giant among wild animals.

You will find all kinds of plush giraffes on this page including baby toys, snuggle toys and super large realistic standing giraffes. Come take a look.

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Sweet Selection of Giraffe Stuffed Animals and Soft Plush Toys

toddler child with soft plush toys giraffe

Image Credit: Shared by Tom Page on Flickr with a CC License

A giraffe soft toy makes a perfect gift choice from babies to adults because so many people adore this beautiful creature. This is a soft yet gentle giant who is perfect for snuggle up time hugs and cuddles.

little giraffe stuffed animals

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One of my favorite giraffe plush toys is this darling 10 inch giraffe baby. It is a detailed and pretty life-like looking stuffed giraffe animal which, because the legs are a little bit stiffer than the rest of its soft body, does stand up well on its own. The fact that it can stand makes this giraffe also ideal for decor in a baby nursery or a child's bedroom.

The size of this giraffe is especially nice for young children and toddlers from 36 months to grab hold of and play with because it is not too big to be overwhelming. This baby is definitely cute looking.

large stuffed giraffes tall soft animal toy

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If you really want to impress with a plush toy gift, large stuffed giraffes definitely have the wow factor that you're looking for. A giant giraffe is perfect as decor for a baby nursery or child's bedroom and instantly fits in with a zoo, safari, or African Savanna or Plains theme. How better to convey the tallness and long, elegant neck of a giraffe than with a large stuffed version of this animal.

⭐ One of the best-selling plush giraffes of all is the fantastic Melissa and Doug giant giraffe which towers over young children at over 4 feet tall which is almost as big as me. The sturdy yet soft looking design stands up and has terrific, life-like detail including long eyelashes, fluffy mane and realistic looking tan and brown patterned plush fur.

The giraffe stands up due to legs which have been stiffened with special wire framing underneath. It is designed to withstand hugging and petting but is not meant to be sat on like a rocking horse. To young kids, this Melissa and Doug giraffe could be just like the real thing.

Other large stuffed giraffes include the 30 inch Cuddlekin and the 28 inch Super Flopsie both of which are sitting versions which have the bonus that these ones are safe for kids to sit or lie on and even roll around with.

giraffes soft toys

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Slightly older kids may prefer hand puppets which are brilliant for role play and acting out the character or life of a giraffe. Kids often find these talking animals to be fun and non-threatening. With the aid of an adult, they can also learn to act out what a giraffe does in real life either with trips to the zoo or watching videos of this gentle giant in the African Plains.

My friend who is a teacher uses puppets with her school kids because she says it helps to get some of the shy children to talk more because they're talking to the puppet rather than an adult. This technique helps shy kids to open up more. So plush animal puppets can be great gifts for teachers too.

Gund Baby Lolly and Friends Stuffed Animal, Giraffe yellow giraffe plush features a fun polka dot pattern as well as satin accents for a touch of luxury appeal kids toyAurora Plush 10 Inch Dreamy Eyes Giraffe  for kids Features soft plush fabric, big eyes and is filled with beansAurora World Girlz Nation Purple Giraffe Plush toy stuffed animal kids childrenBurton and Burton Geri Giraffe 16 inch soft toy animal kids children

Giraffes make excellent baby toys. I know because my daughter had a giraffe lovie or blankie and also a large, plastic fisher-price toddler toy. The body shape of a giraffe makes it easy to grab hold of and there are the exciting extra bits, in the eyes of a young child, which include the 4 legs, ears and the hair covered horns on a giraffe. These features are not antennas as many people think but are called ossicones.

That's a whole lot of body parts on a toy giraffe to chew, pull, twist and swing around. So I think that's why kids tend to love them as toys. They also make a gorgeous theme for baby nurseries and toddler bedrooms because they have soft, neutral colors which are easy on the eyes. And they naturally fit in with the type of animals that young kids tend to learn all about first which are zoo and safari animals.

Giraffes then work naturally well with other animals such as elephants and lions too if you want to expand on the theme or range. Be sure to check out the soft, cuddly giraffes that you can buy. If you want to see more, just select one of the items to run a quick search to see what you can find. Happy hunting.

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