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St. Patrick's Day Party Gifts and Favors

Give away a great little selection of themed goodies at the end of your Irish themed celebratory occasion with this fun pick of St. Patrick's Day party gifts and favors.

Many of these little items and themed party bag fillers can be purchased in bulk because they are small and also tend to be less expensive buys. You’ll get a selection of thoughtful ideas and inspiration for some cute Irish and also Shamrock themed goody bag items.

Alternatively, use the ideas presented on this page to create some of your own DIY items that you can add on to your list of party supplies and items.

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Lots of Cute St. Patrick's Day Party Gift and Favor Ideas and Inspiration

gift wrapped boxes for St. Patrick's day with green shamrock designs

Image Credit: Shared by Beth O'Briant on Flickr with a CC License

Provided are items that you can buy pre-made and also gifts that you can make up and assemble yourself. Loads of ways to ensure you have lots of fun little parting gifts to give away at the end of your St. Patrick's Day event for all your guests.

Mini Candy Kettles Make Lucky Pots of Gold Favors

Let your St. Patrick’s Day guests take away something novel and fun with this cute little party favor idea to make a Leprechaun’s Lucky Pot of Gold.

All you need to do is fill each mini candy kettle up with some tiny chocolate pieces or coins covered in gold or even green colored foil.

set of 12 Fun Express Dozen Miniature black plastic Candy Kettles Novelty

Get this Set of 12 Miniature Black Plastic Candy Kettles from

UK Readers get Mini Candy Kettles from

This is for a set of 12 miniature kettles, candy not included, so do check the sizing before you buy. You can get larger sizes of black plastic kettles or cauldrons but not always sold in sets. This means you may need to buy individual ones if you want larger sizes to hold your goodies and treats.

⭐ Mini pots of gold make for very cute and fun take home party favors and small gifts for your guests. Look to use gold foil wrapped candy or treats such as chocolate coins, Rollos, Hershey Kisses or some rainbow colored candy ideal for a Saint Patrick theme.

I love this idea for an Irish themed party. You can hand these mini pots of gold out as they are with the little handles. Alternatively, wrap up each individual pot with some clear cellophane wrap or a clear cellophane bag. Then tie off the cellophane at the top with some green curling ribbon to look a little bit more special.

Joyin Toy 108 Pieces St. Patrick's Day Party Favor Set 6 Irish Shamrock Beads Necklaces; 6 St. Patrick Shutter Shades Glasses; 12 St. Patrick's Day Disposable Cups with Shamrocks; 12 Rubber Shamrock Bracelets; 72 Pieces St. Patrick's Day Temporary TattoosMini Shamrock Buttons St. Patrick's Day Novelty Favors Gifts ,48 count12 Mini Black Cauldron Kettles Cups 24 Green Shamrock coins St. Patricks Day favors and decorationsJoyin Toy 32 Pieces St. Patrick's Day Accessory Set Party Favors with St. Patrick Shamrock Fedora Hat, Beads Necklace, Mustaches, Sequin Bow, Light-up Glasses, Temporary Tattoos, and Rubber Bracelets.

As well as buying pre-made black kettles, you can make your own versions using black plastic party cups. Add on a black handle made of card, cord or ribbon knotted through punched holes at the top of each cup.

This makes more of an inexpensive DIY pot of gold that is easy to create yourself. You also end up with treat holders that are large enough to hold plenty of candy and other goodies at the end of your St. Patrick's Day party or celebration.

St Patrick’s Day Party Gifts Favors Pack

St. Patrick's Day Favor Party Pack 12 Rubber Bracelets, 12 Shamrock Bead Necklaces, 100 Shamrock Stickers

View this St Patrick's Day Party Favor Pack at

The mini black kettles are a neat idea but you really might not want to have to make anything up yourself. Instead you can purchase party packs such as this one which give you a range of items that you can use to fill your party and goody bags with.

You can get party favor packs containing items such as rubber bracelets, rings, shades and mustaches all in shades of green. They are all items that you can look out for individually too if you prefer to put together your own selection rather than buying a themed set.

Rubber shamrock bracelets in green are pretty inexpensive to buy in bulk for filling up party bags with.

Other small items that you can buy in bulk include necklaces, pencils, erasers, stickers, candy and even temporary tattoos. These items can make quick and easy ways to populate a bag in next to no time before you even get on to candy and edible treats.

Some people prefer to buy a large green frosted cake to cut and wrap in a paper napkin and box up. Alternatively, how about individual cupcakes or cookies instead.

Make Your Own Shamrock Candy Lollipops

Shamrock Lolly Patriotic Chocolate Candy Mold and Lollipop Sticks

Why not make some very easy DIY edible treats for all your guests to take home from the St. Patrick's Day party.

There are a variety of fun shaped molds available to make your own candy pops, chocolate and cakes for the occasion.

Wilton also have a very cute looking shamrock mold that allows you to make up 6 shamrock pops at a time.

Learn how to use this candy mold below to make up your own quick and easy treats and goodies that guests can enjoy after the event. Great for inexpensive favor bag fillers.

How to Use this Shamrock Chocolate Mold

Irish Cupcakes Guinness Flavor Chocolate Cake dipped in ganache and frosted with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting. Shamrock candy on top.

Use a shamrock mold to make shaped candies or chocolate to pop on top of cupcakes for the occasion. These chocolate cupcakes with Baileys Irish cream frosting look ever so tempting.

Image Credit: Shared by tawest64 on Flickr with a CC License

Pop the lollipop sticks, not provided, in place into your mold.

Choose your candy melts. Green, white and brown are great color choices for a St. Paddy’s celebration. Melt them up in the microwave and pour or spoon into each Shamrock mold cavity, making sure that you put some of the melted candy over the part of the lollipop stick that is attached to the candy.

⭐ You can get candy melts in all kinds of colors which allows you to get really creative with your lollipop making and you can also melt up baking chocolate too.

You could use a basic color of brown or white for your shamrock base and then pipe or drizzle on some green color candy melt for party treats that look really fun and unique.

When the pops are set, remove them from the molds and pop into clear lollipop bags and then tie off with curling ribbon at the bottom to make your own edible favors.

More Ideas for Novelty St. Patrick's Day Party Gifts and Favors

I like the look of a set of novelty shamrock erasers which gives you plenty to add into a themed selection of goodies. These are especially good for school age kids to take home from a party.

Other items on this theme include pens, pencils, small notepads and post it notes in green. There are sets of Irish St. Patrick's Day pencil sets that normally are sold in packs of 12 or 24.

If you struggle to find supplies with an actual St. Patrick’s Day theme, look out for plain green, orange and gold colors which will work just as well. Rainbow colored items are often used a lot too for this occasion.

If you want something really unique for your items, you can also have a look over on Zazzle where there are loads of little cool items like pins and buttons. There are loads of designs suitable for this occasion and many that can be customized too with a year or party host name or whatever you want.

It’s worth having a good look there too as well as on places like eBay and Etsy for different selections of supplies. Whether you want favors to buy or some that you can make up yourself, you’ll get a rather lucky pick on this page.

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