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Fun Pirate Bath Toy Selection

You can make not just bath-times but also padding pools and water tables much more exciting and fun for kids with the addition of some super pirate bath toy items that children can enjoy playing with.

There are loads of great activities to amuse kids even while they get clean. Activity scenes will stick or cling on to the bath wall. You can get items that will float on the water like ships and boats and even rubber ducks too.

It's always good to know that any items you buy can be used for more than just one thing, making your dollars go further. Certainly that is what I look for when buying.

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Fun Selection of Pirate Bath Toys and Water Play Items

pirate water toys rubber ducks bath fun play kids

Image Credit: Shared by Josh Ward on Flickr with a CC License

⭐ Young buccaneers can enjoy having a lot of super splish-splash fun in the tub with some themed and novelty pirate bath toy items and accessories. Look out for fun squirting figures and activity scenes for kids to enjoy playing with.

Many of these items can be used both indoors and out so that children can play with them in the sand pit, water table and their padding pool too which makes the items very versatile. Look for some wonderful water play sets that children can have a blast with.

Alex toys pirate water toys

Get this Alex Toys Pirate Squirters Bath Set from

UK Readers get Alex Toys Pirates from

This is a colorful looking set which includes 4 bath squirting toys for lots of water fun. The set includes 2 different pirates, a cannon and a shark. Also included is a mesh bag with suction cups so that you have an easy way to dry the items when all the bath tub play is done.

These are Phthalate free and deemed acceptable for children to use from 2 years of age so perfect for toddlers to enjoy as well as older kids too. Children can enjoy squirting water and shooting it at whoever is unlucky enough to be in range at the time.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Pirates for the Tub pirate water toys

View this Pirates of the Tub Alex Toys Bath Play Set at

UK Readers get Alex Toys Pirates from

This is a 37 piece bath time play set including squirting toys and play scenes. Pirates of the Tub is an award-winning water play set for children. It is suitable for children from 3 years of age.

It has special pirate play foam scenes that stick to the walls around your bath, pieces that build into islands and boats and some squirting toys too. Included is a suction backed mesh bag for easy drying of the items once playtime is over.

Checkered Fun Bath Toys For Toddlers - Pirate Ship Bath Toy - 10 Piece Foam Set With Organizer for BathtubHappytime Bathtime Pirate Ship Bathtub Bath Toy for kids with Water Cannon and Boat Scoop Use boat scoop to fill ship with water, side will open and release water, paddle will spin Press the big button and cannon fires a long stream of water Suction cups securely hold pirate ship to tub wall Bathtime fun for kids and toddlersMagic Years 9-Piece Pirate Bath Toy Bundle Great for bathtime or outside in the sunFisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Jake Bath Squirters All characters have squirting action Fun in and out of the tub! Includes Jake, Captain Hook and Croc squirting figures

It has lots of pieces but that doesn't mean you need to get them all out at once. Use some of the play set or all of it. The set has lots for a child to enjoy playing with. In fact, just this one bath toy should keep children satisfied on its own.

Kids can float islands around the tub and stick the wet foam scenes onto tiled walls. It looks as though it is a perfect toy for imaginary play and children should have a blast with all the pieces. You might just be prying kids out of the tub.

There is a 19 piece wet and stick foam set, not pictured, by Edushape Magic Creations that comes on a pirate theme with an island, a ship, pirates, parrot, treasure, map, loot and more.

Innovative Kids Soft Shapes Illustration Tub Stickables Pirates Playset Fun-filled sticker sets made entirely of child-safe, durable, washable foam, for on-the-go or in the bath fun and learning Contains 20 chunky colorful, illustrated bath stickers that float in water and stick to the tub

Children can create their own pirate stories with the easy to pick up special foam pieces that will stick on to a tiled wall when wet or on the sides of the bath.

And when you're all done with the bath-time fun, there's a mesh bag to store the scenes in for the next time you want them to get clean.

Get Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bath Toys from Amazon

Children can play out any scenario they want to: make the pirates go on a treasure hunt to find some pieces of eight, sail the captain around the seas in treacherous waters, have the pirates become shipwrecked when their boat crashes into the island after stormy weather.

You can give kids some ideas to get started and also prompt them with simple pirate stories from books. But make sure they get quiet time to come up with their own ideas because that is great for boosting their imagination.

pirates ship toy wall mounted with water scoops and cannon for young kids children play time

Buy this Pirates Ship Toy for the Bath Tub from

UK Readers get Pirate Bath Toys from

I'd love to show you some more floating pirate ships. However, most of the ship bath toys have bad reviews because they don't float. How silly that seems. There are a couple of reasonable ships and you can also look out for a shampoo bottle ship that owners seem to love.

If all those toys were not enough already, here's some extra bath toy ideas that you might enjoy. Look for themed rubber duckies which are cute for kids to swirl around the tub or pool and a couple of small boats here which seem to be better than the more expensive options you can buy.

My daughter plays with the Noah's Ark Playmobil 123 set in the bath. It has lasted brilliantly for six years so far and it floats when empty either with the top on or off. So I would definitely recommend that as a ship even though it's not one that exactly fits with this theme. Have fun choosing.

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