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Best Star Wars Gifts for an Adult

You really don't need to fly right through the galaxy and beyond to find some awesome Star Wars gifts for an adult. Luckily, this particular fan has done all the tricky navigating for you.

If you've ever tried searching through large online stores for Star Wars stuff suitable for a grown-up, I know just how frustrating that has probably been.

So many of the products available are thought out and designed for the younger generation instead. Here, I've come up with some really great suggestions to suit adult fans.

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Star Wars Gifts for an Adult That Are out of This World

Star Wars books gift ideas for adult science fiction fans

Image Credit: Original image shared by tunechick83 on Pixabay with a CC License

Geeks and fans of this franchise can enjoy receiving some fantastically cool items from their favorite movies. Come down out of hyperspace and your light-speed journey to stop off and see some great ideas and inspiration right here.

Boba Fett Bestseller Star Wars Gift Vinyl Record Wall Clock Fan Black Room Decor Idea star wars gifts adult

Get this Star Wars Boba Fett and Han Solo Vinyl Wall Clock from

UK Readers get a Star Wars Clock from

One new product I've seen are these funky looking vinyl wall clocks which feature Star Wars themed designs cut into old vinyl records. It not only makes use of an outdated medium but is also just like a functional piece of art for your home.

There are loads of designs to choose from but I really loved this Han Solo and Boba Fett one. Other designs feature the Death Star, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, stormtroopers and the robot droids.

Marc Ecko Cut Sew Hoodie Boba Fett star wars stuff adults.

Star Wars Boba Fett Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Hoodie

Image Credit: Shared by marvelousRoland on Flickr with a CC License

There are tons of fun themed character hoodies to buy for the discerning science fiction fan. I like the full face hoodies which, when completely zipped up, can turn you into a character such as a dark and menacing Sith Lord or Boba Fett. These looks really cool and awesome.

⭐ You can get a great choice of Star Wars hoodies for adults featuring characters including Darth Vader, R2-D2, Storm Troopers and Chewy depending which one is your particular favorite.

How about a themed bag or wallet. You can get a great range of bag fashion accessories that come with some very colorful and cool comic prints on the front and back.

Most wallets come complete with holes for chains too as an added safety feature. You could add one which features a favorite character from the movies to complete the gift.

Star Wars BB-8 Droid Kitchen Timer - With Lights and Sounds Geek Kitchen Accessory GiftStar Wars Darth Vader Cookie Jar with Authentic Movie Sounds and Opening Head Kitchen Accessory Gift GeeksICUP Star Wars C-3PO Droid Be The Character Apron Kitchen Gift AdultStar Wars Lightsaber Coffee Mug, The Force Awakens With Heat Activated Colors

Wallet chains are good for securing a wallet onto a belt so the wallet can be pushed into a man’s pant’s pocket and kept safe from pickpockets. My husband has been using one for years after the hassle of getting his wallet stolen. They are a really great accessory and useful gift.

Darth Vader is one such character who can help take care of the valuables with a stylish chain. If you’re buying a wallet for a man, then it makes sense to add on a matching chain too at the same time.

Loungefly Boba Fett Cross Body Bag Hangbag star wars gifts adults

View this Star Wars Boba Fett Cross Body Bag at

UK Readers get a Star Wars Bag at

Look for your favorite characters all on a bag. This makes a wonderful fashion accessory for the female geek fan. I love this really cute looking range of bags by Loungefly and there are also some by Rock Rebel too.

⭐ They do quite a number of striking looking bags with this theme but this Boba Fett one is my new favorite. It has his helmet embroidered on the green front along with some red flowers to pretty it up. There are other great Star Wars handbag designs in this range with Luke, Han, Leia, Darth, C3P0, Chewie and more.

You could bling up your new iPhone or cell phone with a fun, themed case. If you know which version of the phone your intended recipient has, such as the latest version or model, a themed case will make a really great gift for them.

Super Cute Looking Star Wars R2-D2 Droid Tote Bag with C3P0 Coin Purse Attached Womens Fashion Geek Bags

A cell phone can be dressed up as a droid such as BB-8, R2-D2 or C-3PO. Just beware that if you turn your iPhone into a droid, it may get annoying like C-3PO and then start to talk too much.

Which side is he on? Is he leaning towards being a true Jedi Master or is he turning instead towards the dark side? Whether he’s a force for good or evil, they’ll be a keepsake piece of male jewelry to suit.

The Galactic or Imperial Empire is based on ruthless dictatorship which has a massive Imperial Army and Imperial Starfleet. Notable members of the Empire included Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Stormtroopers.

Cufflinks are an ideal gift choice for a male fan and many come in a presentation box with the logo. I like the ones which bear the insignia of the evil Empire.

If this fan is a bit of a Rebel then look for out a Rebel logo necklace for adults which features a Rebel logo pendant on a chain. Notable members who belonged to the Rebel Alliance included Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian.

YIER LED Lightsaber Light Up Black Clear Umbrella with 7 Color geeky star wars gifts stuff buy

Buy a Lightsaber Umbrella with 7 LED Colors from

UK Readers get a Umbrella from

Use the force of Darth Vader to repel the rain because he is more than a match for the weather with this cool looking umbrella. This is not a toy umbrella, it’s a full sized adult umbrella and the coolest version which you’re likely to see.

The umbrella has a unique LED lightsaber handle and striking black nylon canopy decorated. You may feel the force of your recipient’s thankfulness when they get this as a unique gift. Let’s just hope they don’t turn to the Dark Side!

Many guys just love to flash their torches so another lightsaber option is give them an LED Lightsaber torch with fun sound effects to keep them happy.

What is it with men and their torches? All the men I know have a stash of torches that they keep. My husband has them all over the house, and yes he does even have his own lightsaber torch too!

I’m not sure quite how useful a novelty and fun device is as a torch except for the fact that the end of ours does glow blue like Luke Skywalker’s original weapon. With some devices, when you turn them on you get the ON sound as heard in the movies and you get the power off sound too which is a fun bonus. I like the look of getting a little key ring torch too.

A pair of bookends Star Wars Logo. Holders for science fiction book. Bookish product for a movie fan. star wars gifts for an adult

Buy these Star Wars Logo Bookends from

Another modern and unique choice of gift for an adult fan is this pair of Darth Vader bookends. These are laser cut from sheet steel which is then bent into shape, polished and covered with a powder coating.

These bookends make for a very attractive looking statement that can proudly be placed on display. If you're not sure where to buy Star Wars stuff, check out the handmade section on Amazon and also Etsy which have some really unique items to choose from.

ICUP Star Wars Darth Vader Be The Character Apron Adult Geek GiftStar Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set (Exclusive and Officially Licensed) DroidStar Wars BB-8 Droid Force Awakens 22oz Cup Mug Drinking Stein Collectible Ceramic Mug with Metal HingeStar Wars Chewbacca Chewie Adult Bathrobe Swim Suit Cover Up

For a book choice, look for the latest version of the complete visual dictionary for Star Wars. This is the ultimate guide to characters and creatures from the whole Star Wars saga. There is enough information in here to keep any fan entertained for weeks. It is a very detailed guide that will suit a real fan and geek.

I really love the look of the fun Yoda statue which can be used as a small table centerpiece or a Christmas Holiday decoration for the festive season. Look out too for the more expensive Darth Vader making a snowball Death Star figurine.

This is also a unique winter gift which shows Darth Vader creating a Death Star from snow. Darth is even wearing a Santa hat too. It is a fun and unique figurine that a fan can keep out on display, and something that they can keep forever.

Enjoy choosing Star Wars stuff to buy from this Out of this World selection. To make your task even easier, many of the items on this page are really suitable for both genders so it is well worth scanning the whole selection to find the perfect Star Wars stuff to buy.

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