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Women love science fiction too. I’m a geek loving Mom who enjoys receiving Star Wars gifts made for women to enjoy. There are loads of fun items ideal for females who are into these sci-fi movies.

I’d be extremely happy to receive some themed science fiction gifts for my birthday, Christmas or another occasion such as Mother’s Day, especially if its got anything to do with the classic characters: Han Solo, Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

For past gift-giving events I’ve been lucky enough to receive a very cool little lightsaber torch, a Star Wars tote bag and some novelty character keychains to add along to my geeky collection.

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My Favorite Pick of Star Wars Gifts for Her, for Women

Star Wars gifts for women, for her to enjoy ideas inspiration

Image Credit: Original image shared by cedarlili on Pixabay with a CC License

It is especially hard with these geek goodies because there tend to be just so many to choose from. Here I’ve narrowed it down to items that I think most female fans would be delighted to receive.

Star Wars gifts for her Darth Vader and Belle Beauty and the Beast Print

Get this Darth Vader and Belle Beauty and the Beast Art Print from

UK Readers get a Star Wars Art Print from

How topical is this Beauty and the Beast themed art print which features Darth Vader from Star Wars as the Beast and Belle in her beautiful yellow dress.

This unique Star Wars gift is a happy fusion for all things geeky and a love for romantic and happy ever after stories. I absolutely love the design of this and I believe that many women, especially those who love Disney princesses, should fall in love with this too.

Loungefly Star Wars Flash Print Faux Wallet for Women

Get this Star Wars Print Wallet from

UK Readers get a Star Wars Purse from

This is a great looking Star Wars wallet which features fun and colorful illustrations of all the main and original characters which, in my opinion, can not be bettered.

For me, this wallet has just the right amount of flower detail and scrolls to make it just a little more feminine for many Star Wars loving women to enjoy it. The detail adds another layer of interest. This has a zip around enclosure with a coin pocket inside and sections for bills and cards.

Loungefly Star Wars R2D2 Blue/White/Silver Patent Dome BagLoungefly Star Wars Tattoo Flash Print Faux Tote Bag, Multi, One SizeLoungefly Star Wars Ewok Back pack, Brown, One SizeLoungefly Star Wars Comic Covers Duffle (Black/Multi)

If you like this design, also look out for the classic movie poster wallet from the original and still the best 1977 movie displayed. I love this design since it features all my favorite characters: Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and the brilliant droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. There is a similar design featuring The Force Awakens poster print.

⭐ I’d love to have a Star Wars bag, wallet or purse like this which shows my love for the classic sci-fi films. The new and latest movies: meh, not so much.

Many older women will have seen A New Hope when it was first shown or when it was first released onto the old video format. I remember first watching it as a child and being completely and utterly mesmerized by it all.

Loungefly Star Wars Darth Vader Tote Shoulder Bag gift for her

Buy this Darth Vader Dark Side Tote Shoulder Bag from

UK Readers get a Bag from

Because a woman can surely never have too many bags! That is right. There are quite a lot of bags which feature designs and characters from the original trio of movies from this Sci Fi theme.

⭐ Tote bags like this one are normally roomier inside. I love this whole dark side design with the black Darth Vader head complete with scrolls and some red roses which makes for a striking and also quite a romantic look. I love it and would love someone to buy me this as a gift.

Look out too for the classic poster design from the first, original movie. If your funds allow, you could buy a matching wallet for this too. Another different and cute option is a black and white stylish print handbag with a pretty bow detail. The design is made up from different characters like Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca and more.

There are many fashion bags on this theme to look out for, Loungefly make some of the very best looking Star Wars bags. You can choose one of these or a smaller purse for a gift if not for yourself.

Star Wars Hand Towel Set I Love You I Know Princess Leia Han Solo

View this Set of Star Wars Droid Hand Towels on

UK Readers get some Towels from

Hand towels are often chosen as more practical gift options. If you're going to buy any towels, why not get some fun Star Wars ones instead. I really like this pair which feature designs of the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. These could look especially great added to a themed bathroom.

Tech and gadget loving women might prefer an iconic Star Wars iPhone case. I love the look of one of these designs with a colorful and pretty logo and the stormtrooper at the side.

For older iPhones such as the 5 and 6 series, you can get a pretty cool C-3PO case in a gorgeous gold color etched design to resemble the Rebel droid which is really cool. Any fan should be proud to show her cell phone off with this wrapped round it.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3D Dangle EarringsVandor 99363 Star Wars Princess Leia 12 Ounce Ceramic Mug, Red/WhiteStar Wars Logo Icons Infinity ScarfStar Wars Jewelry Episode 7 Rey Stainless Steel Charm Stretch Bracelet

How about a Chewbacca iPhone case design. He’s got to be the cutest and cuddliest co-pilot in the whole of the Galaxy. There is a chewy case that comes with an actual furry exterior which adds to the fun. You can get cases to suit many brands of cell phone.

Another idea is for some flash USB storage drives which are based around favorite characters. Add some bling into her life with a cute gold color C-3PO USB flash drive. It is really sweet.

There are other characters available in this Mimobot series including R2-D2, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. My favorite is Darth because you take the lid off to reveal his human face underneath the mask.

Other suggestions for techie items for women that I haven’t mentioned here are a lightsaber stylus for the Nintendo, a digital watch or clock, usb hub, mouse pad or laptop skin.

The Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes

Get this Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes Book from

UK Readers get a Star Wars Cook Book from

There are some really inspired craft books for fans of the galaxy that is far, far away. Baking and cooking books, knitting, sewing, paper folding, coloring, painting and more. There are tons.

⭐ Here I’ve narrowed the choice down to just three really great books that I’d really love to own. Top of my list is the origami one since I really enjoy paper crafts too. But any of these Star Wars craft books would be a great gift if she enjoys crafty activities.

This crafty book is a fun one for fans and for kids. It would be an ideal buy for a younger child to buy for Mom and then they’d have some fun things to make together. Lots of character finger puppets, felt dolls, plush pets, pillows, snow globe and outdoor items too such as a bird house. The focus is on fun makes.

The Princess Diarist Book by Carrie Fisher

Star Wars origami is ideal for someone who loves paper folding or who already enjoys the ancient craft of origami. It has outstanding reviews and it is not a kids book but a challenging paper folding book for adults to follow. It would perhaps be tricky for someone who is not used to doing paper folding projects already.

Also look for the Star Wars Cookbooks which look like a whole lot of crafty kitchen fun. They are full of some brilliantly inspired images and perfect for someone who is a coffee table cook as well as someone who loves to bake too. The 2nd one contains both savory and sweet recipes and is spiral bound which is much more handy for the kitchen. I hope your find the perfect gift.

This year, I’m hoping to get one of the craft books from this franchise and I’ll be directing my husband to my wish-list just so he can get some ideas.

If you’re looking to surprise a Star Wars mad female with a themed item, you’ll get plenty of inspiration from this page which is full of fun ideas and inspiration. Navigating through big online stores can be tricky with too many products placed in front of you all at once.

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