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Purchase a beautiful splash of rich red vibrancy with a poppy themed gift. This theme can really make for an invigorating and wonderful choice to present to someone who truly adores the poppy flower.

One of the meanings that these flowers actually symbolize is imagination. So designs featuring these pretty flowers should be perfect to give to particularly creative and inspired characters.

Give the gift of a mood-lifting and beautiful floral design to someone who really loves this stunning plant. Brighten up their day with this colorful flower.

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Pretty Poppy Flower Gifts for You to Enjoy

poppy flower themed gifts for women floral items collectibles

Image Credit: Original image shared by cocoparisienne on Pixabay with a CC License

This plant usually comes in warm and energizing colors with rich shades of yellow, orange and red. Items such as home decor accessories featuring this pretty floral design can add a real splash of color and energy into a room.

Collectibles featuring this flower can also provide a meaningful way to have a display out for Memorial Day in remembrance of those who died. They can also provide an ideal way to brighten and add warmth to a dull or plain space in a home.

Toland Poppies and Birdhouses Decorative Welcome Flower Spring Summer USA-Produced House Flag

Get a Welcome House Flag with Poppies and Birds from

I love the really charming looking garden scene on this welcome house flag. It is filled with a foreground of pretty poppies and other flowers. Along with all the birds and bird houses, it is so colorful and vibrant look.

This flag comes in a choice of two different sizes and looks nice and cheerful for the spring or summer months in particular.

Roy Kirkham Red Poppy and Honey Bee Fine Bone China Coffee or Tea Mug

Buy this Bone China Mug Set from

UK Readers get a Poppy Mug from

This mug is a fine bone china design by Roy Kirkham. It features a beautiful looking scene of wild red poppies along with the poppy seed heads and shafts of yellow wheat to give it that growing in the county field look.

Nestled in the design is a honey bee working his way around all the flowers. I love that the inside of the mug has a small floral motif too which finishes the whole design off perfectly.

Royal Doulton-Royal Albert 100 Years Poppy Flower Mug Bone China with hand painted 22-carat gold stippling trimDEAN CROUSER RED POPPY FLOWER 16 OZ COFFEE MUG The vibrant watercolor paintings of Oregon wildlife artist Dean Crouser bring exquisite beauty to this collection of table top stoneware. Coordinating mugs and snack plates feature nature's mighty wildlife in life-like, energetic form.Coffee Mug with Hand Painted Poppies on both sides Hand thrown on the potters wheel each one of a kind mug holds approx. 8-10 oz.Roseville Pottery Tile 2017, The Bee and The Poppy

There are many other gorgeous looking mugs featuring these flowers. There is a cute looking set of two porcelain mugs which are called snuggle mugs. Snuggle mugs have a curvy design to the shape of the cup which enables your hands to wrap around them nice and easily.

You can buy individual designs or sets. The poppy snuggle mug by Konitz has shows off the center of the flower which is inside the mug and right at the bottom, giving a nice surprise to guests when the drink up. The outside of this design shows the petals in bloom all the way round. I think these snuggle designs are great fun.

Amia 41568 Parade of Poppies Hand-Painted Beveled Glass Welcome Panel Flowers Birds Butterflies

View this Poppy Glass Welcome Panel at

UK Readers get a Poppy Suncatcher from

Joan Baker makes lots of beautiful glass designs. She has many items including glass art vases, and decorative glass featuring these flowers. This is a round glass art panel by Joan Baker designs.

It is a beautiful looking glass panel suncatcher to hang up in a window. It is based on a pretty garden scene with these red flowers and some butterflies flitting about. The scene rings so true because my own home grown poppies attracted so many insects and wildlife this year.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses - Red PoppyCandleware Poppy Garden With God all things are possible. Matt. 19:26 Tea Light Candle Holder Red Poppies Flower Butterflies Butterfly

One item I love, that is not pictured, is a glass art container featuring a beautiful garden scene with fire red flowers and butterflies fluttering around in yellow and blue. It can also be enjoyed uniquely from every angle because each side features a different scene and piece of beautiful and vivid artwork. Many of her vases are made to work for shelves and small spaces.

I must admit to being a big fan of Joan Baker’s designs: they are intricately detailed and show off beautifully engaging and warm scenes. Just look at the detail with those stunning butterflies flitting among those flowers. She also has many fabulous designs for hanging and decorative glass window panels that you can enjoy.

Poppy Themed Gifts are a Way to Bring in the Outside

Precious Moments You are My Joy Figurine

Buy this Precious Moments You Are my Joy Figurine from

UK Readers get a Poppies Figurine from

This is an adorable looking figurine by Precious Moments featuring a girl and more unusual peach color flower. It should make for a sweet keepsake item to give to a friend or family member that they can treasure. The flower has a sparkling gemstone in the center and the girl's peach dress has an addition of glitter to it.

Breathe life into your surroundings. As much as we might like to be, we cannot always be outside. Sometimes it is also not practical to be outside, especially if the weather is wet and cold. By introducing decorative elements into a living space, you or someone else can enjoy these pretty meadow flowers all year round, come rain or shine!

Red Poppy Flowers Throw Pillow Throw Pillow Case Home Decor Gift Anniversary Day Present Pillowcase Cushion CoverHand Painted Wine Glasses Red Poppy Flower

This plant has long been one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of bold and bright styles in particular and these never fail to introduce a huge sea of color into fields that might otherwise look dull and bare. So when you need a decorative item to add a splash of color and warmth into your home then you simply cannot go wrong when picking out this particular variety of plant.

⭐ Natural poppy colors are warm and energizing. It is a plant that can infuse real life into a home. Classic red shades of flowing and almost translucent petals contrasting with the black center and green stalk are a wonderful way to jazz up any dull corner or spot. You cannot help but feel happy and refreshed when you look at delightful scenes which include this meadow favorite.

For me it is a favorite flower to draw and craft with. If you enjoy drawing or painting these flowers, then you can make and reproduce images to use for crafting and for handmade gifts too. I like to sketch these from real-life and then color the images in using some soft pencils. You can then scan these images into a computer as a digital file to use for other projects by printing some designs onto white or light colored card.

So if you love these, there is no reason why you can’t draw or paint them then use those very pictures as the basis for cards, gift tags, notelets, thank you letters, scrapbooks or decorations and ornaments around the home.

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