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Page a Day Calendar Gifts for Kids to Enjoy

Here's a guide to a selection of fun and activity based boxed daily calendars. Kids can really enjoy having some way of marking or counting down the days to all those exciting times of the year.

These page a day calendar gifts for kids have all been picked out as being especially ideal for children to enjoy. They make novel ways to count down to some important times of the year.

A child can feel quite grown up in having their own desktop version of something that their parents normally get instead. Enjoy my hand picked selection.

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Page a Day Calendar Gifts for Kids to Really Enjoy All Year

page a day daily calendar kids design desktop version

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⭐ Children can use these to easily pick out days which revolve around birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. A boxed daily or page-a-day calendar for kids is a pretty easy and a visual way for children to eliminate days and get one step closer to an occasion that really grabs them.

Create Fun Shapes from Paper with an Origami Desk Calendar

Origami Page-A-Day Calendar by Margaret Van Sicklen

Get the Origami Page-A-Day Calendar 2019 from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Origami Calendar from Amazon.co.uk

Craft mad kids can enjoy a selection of fun and novelty themed page-a-day box set calendars which might keep them busy for just a little while every day too. I'm hugely into arts and crafts myself and I love my boxed origami desktop set that I get every year.

Disney A Year of Animation 2019 Daily CalendarPaper Airplane Fold-a-Day 2019 Calendar

For anyone who enjoys paper folding, an origami calendar is a really great choice to make because everything needed is in the box. You get to create your own cool little items out of a single square of paper such as animals, flowers, boats, decorations and shapes.

If a child receiving this doesn't already know some origami then there are instructions included as well. Overall, I think it is one for older kids who can not just read but also understand how the folding techniques work.

Lots of kids and adults love Disney. There is a daily Disney box set calendar that has wonderful color images taken from their well-loved feature films or a charming piece of concept art to enjoy. Along with the images are short pieces of text like quotes. You might see Pluto, Cinderella, Dumbo, Tangled, Snow White, Bambi, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Wreak it Ralph and more favorite characters from this franchise.

Make a Splash of Color with this Watercolor Painting Calendar Set

2019 Sesame Street Activity Calendar: Monthly Fun for the Whole Family

View this Sesame Street Wall Calendar on Amazon.com

There are a number of other options which might suit crafty children depending on their abilities. There are knitting, crochet and scrapbook calendars for a start. There are also paper airplanes, kirigami, paper cutting and more as options for fun activity calendars that may be of interest.

I love the idea of a little watercolor set calendar, now retired. It came with a little palette of paints and a brush along with drawings to paint and also painting tips that are demonstrated on each page. It was a fantastic option for older children and even adults who love to paint.

Doodle House Coloring Calendar

Johanna Basford 2019 Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

Buy this Coloring Day to Day Calendar from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Colouring Calendar from Amazon.co.uk

Susan Winget is well known as an artist for her wonderful country style of artwork. Here it is in a daily format with 365 pretty and cute looking designs to enjoy coloring in.

Drawing mad children may enjoy a daily doodle version, not shown, which gives rough sketches and prompts every day to inspire the owner to draw. This is a good way to get a youngster into the habit of regular sketching and thinking about that process through the year. A good way to get those creative brain cells engaged and encouraging practice. I like the look of the following crafts version too.

Craft a Day Calendar for Children Who Love to Sew and Make

Craft-a-Day Day-to-Day Calendar: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

Get a Craft-a-Day Calendar: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

Younger children may not be interested or old enough to work on activity type calendars in which case cute images are a good option instead. This is a simple handmade project style of calendar with things to make such as finger puppets and magnets that could be ideal for older kids to enjoy.

More Ideas for Page a Day Calendars for Kids

Older children may like more of a challenge to complete and these choices will not disappoint. Word loving fans should really appreciate the Scrabble calendar set. You do not actually play Scrabble but each page helps you to practice getting better at the game.

You are presented with new words and strategies that help you to improve on your playing skills. See how high a score you can get when given a set of letters and a laid-out board. Banana-grams is a fun and fresh take on the Scrabble game and its for the family to enjoy.

Page a day calendars can be fun all round the whole year. They can make a brilliant choice for a Christmas gift because they are relatively inexpensive to buy. You can find one to suit just about every personality and they are delightfully easy to wrap up too. The really nice part is that you're giving a gift which can be enjoyed for an entire year ahead with 12 months of activity and fun to be had. No wonder they're so popular.

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