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The choices on this page are aimed much more at buying Dr Who Tardis gifts for adult fans. Enjoy this selection of my favorite picks for Whovians.

Like many fans, I adore the styling for the very famous and iconic time and space travel machine with the doors, the windows and the whole Police Public Call Box slogan emblazoned across the top.

With a couple of big Doctor Who fans in our family, I’m always hunting out great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and also those "just because" occasions.

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Great Selection of Doctor Who Tardis Gifts for Fans and Geeks

Doctor who tardis gifts page guide

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

⭐ Adults can be so much harder to shop for. And there are so many Doctor Who Tardis items to choose from in this geeky line that it can quickly get overwhelming if you are looking for inspiration yourself.

Doctor Who Tardis Union Jack Necklace to Wear

Doctor Who Tardis Union Jack Chain Necklace

Get this Tardis and Union Jack Chain Necklace from

UK Readers get a Tardis Necklace from

As seen on the popular David Tennant Facebook fan club, here is the amazingly cool looking Tardis Union Jack necklace. This should make for a really fab gift, particularly for a female Whovian fan.

The necklace is made from stainless steel and comes with an 18 inch size chain. It carries 2 pendants on it: one is shaped like the police box Tardis time and travel space machine and one features the British Union Jack which is colored using enamel.

The charms are really cute and it also makes an adorable looking design of item to wear for a female who really loves this hit BBC show. Of course you can also take the charms off and add them onto something else like a keychain or alternatively you can wear them independently too.

Dr Who Yahtzee Dice Game to Play

Yahtzee Doctor Who Collector's Edition

View this Yahtzee Collector's Edition over at

UK Readers get a Yahtzee Game from

Yahtzee is a very simple to pick up and play but fun and addictive dice game. It is a particularly easy and fun game ideal for all the family and great for kids from around ages 8 and over.

It is a great game for getting kids to add up scores too. We love to play this on our family game nights and it is especially ideal to play over the colder winter months when you may well be stuck indoors more and looking for fun things to do.

Doctor Who Clue Board Game Classic Clue game play with a Doctor Who Twist 6 Suspect include Amy and Rory Pond, Strax, Clara, Jenny, River Song and Madame Vastra Game Board features famous planets visited by The Doctor 6 Custom Weapons: Lipstick, Sonic Screwdriver, Vortex Manipulator, Strax Gun, Clara Cyber man Gun, The MomentJoonem Doctor Who TARDIS 300 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Whovian fans really should look to check out this very awesome special Tardis edition of this favorite game which features a large dice cup that is made in the shape of The Doctor’s very own time and space travel machine.

It comes complete with a lidded top to it and also has enough room to store all the parts inside for storage when you are not playing. The 5 custom dice include a variety of different foes and enemies from this legendary BBC series.

BBC Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Mug, Heat Activated

Dr Who Heat Reveal 20oz Coffee Mug / Stein with Doctor Who Logo

Buy a Heat Activated Doctor Who Mug from

UK Readers get a Dr Who Mug from

We've got this heat reveal mug design and it is a lot of fun. Send the Tardis from one side of the mug to the other just by filling it up with a hot drink. It is a fun design and one we never get tired of.

Unlike some of the funny shaped mugs which are not practical to drink from, this one behaves like a normal mug just with a very novel heat activated design.

⭐ You can also sip some cool drinks and beverages in a true geek style with a looking acrylic Tardis travel cup that comes with a reusable drinking straw.

The plastic tumbler style cup will hold up to 16 oz of liquid and is double walled which should help to keep drinks nice and cold. It features the iconic Tardis or Police Public Call Box icon on one side of the cup and the Doctor Who logo on the other.

Doctor Who TARDIS Stein - Collectible 50oz Ceramic Mug with Metal HingeDoctor Who Exploding Tardis TV Show (Van Gogh's Exploding Tardis) Ceramic Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug

The photo you get online of the travel cup shows off both the back and front of this cup for which you just get 1 product. Don’t be fooled into thinking there are two cups because there is just the one.

It makes a great looking reusable container for beverages such as iced coffee, iced tea, smoothies, carbonated fizzy drinks and also water. Could it be the perfect way to have your favorite cold liquids and quench your thirst in true geek fashion.

Dr Who Tardis Table Lamp with Sounds

Doctor Who Tardis Table Lamp

Get this Tardis Table Lamp with Sounds from

A Dr Who themed table lamp can really help to finish off a bedroom decor scheme or even a play room. This Tardis styled lamp has both light and sound features which are accessible and ready to use with the additional insertion of batteries when you push the blue police box doors in. It is also a fully functioning light for your room when it is plugged in.

The lampshade on this specific item comes with two different scenes that you can view. You get one side, shown in the photo above, with the Tardis itself floating in space. The other side of the lamp features Matt Smith the 11th Dr and his female companion, Amy Pond. Of course, that may not be to everyone’s taste but you can also find a different look design Van Gogh version over on Amazon too.

Dr Who Tardis Onesie for Adults

Doctor Who Tardis Fairisle Print Cotton Onesie - Blue - One Size

Buy this Doctor Who Tardis Cotton Onesie from IWantOneofThose

Fans of this cult BBC series can get to really enjoy a cotton adult size onesie. This could be great to wear for most Fall and milder winter days while at home. This has a very modern style design of the sci-fi Police Public Call Box, right on the front.

It is called a Fair Isle print and it comes in a blue shade background with white print. This could make for a great gift for an adult fan of the BBC series and is something that is both unique as well as being easy and light to wrap up and send. Why not also buy some matching gift wrap too.

Wibbly Wobbly Tardis Jello Mold: Use it to Make Cakes Too

doctor who tardis jello mold

Get this Tardis Jello Mold from

UK Readers get a Tardis Mould from

Make a really Wibbly Wobbly gelatin Tardis with this food-safe silicone mold. If you don’t fancy making shaped jello with it, you can also use this mold to make a shaped cupcake, small meatloaves, chocolate bars and even soap. Note that if you use this for soap molding then you should not use it afterwards to make food, otherwise you could have a really soapy taste!

If you’ve never used gelatin molds like this before, you might wonder how it is that you get the shape out whole. I can tell you since I have experience with these. You pour your mix in right up to the top, then allow it to set completely, pop a flat plate on the top with the side you eat off facing the jello, flip the whole thing over so the mold is now sitting on top of the plate.

Now you need to have a bit of patience. Warm up the outside of the mold with a cloth dipped in hot water and place this over the outside of the mold. As the mold gets warmer, eventually the cold jello inside will gradually slip out in one piece on to the plate. Ta da. What’s the coolest Who gift you’ve ever received?

More Dr Who Tardis Gift Ideas and Inspiration

Adult Who fans can enjoy themselves getting busy in the kitchen with a fantastic styled Police Box themed apron.

The one by ThinkGeek is a brilliant looking design that sports pretty much of the whole frontage of this famous time and travel space machine on the front. This apron has all the doors, the paneled windows, the push to open sign notice and the Public Call Box logo emblazoned at the top just as you’d expect.

For someone who enjoys to cook or who is just getting into cooking or baking, a themed apron could make a totally awesome gift choice. It looks really detailed and great fun for a Doctor Who lover to wear. Perhaps you could also get some other cool kitchen accessories to go along with it as well.

dr who police box hoodie

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

⭐ You can get yourself snuggled up into a fun looking “bigger on the inside” warm and comfortable sweatshirt style hoodie which is based on the famous blue police box. You can enjoy keeping yourself or someone else really warm and snug every time this is put on and it is also a great addition for any geeky Whovian’s wardrobe.

The time machine might just take you by surprise when you actually wear it and magically transport you off somewhere deep in the realms of time and space. Who knows what exciting and dangerous monsters and aliens you could meet on the way.

A very cool top for both men and women to wear and to have lots of fun adventures in too. These comes in loads of size options including kid sizes as my daughter has one that she loves to wear.

Doctor dr who scarf exploding tardis van gogh style now available in regular and infinityDon't Blink T Shirt Weeping Angels Tardis Doctor Who Dr Whovian Geek Fans Gift

For the festive season, you could really get right into the Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition with a fun geek style sweatshirt design that features a great design right across the front along with the sonic screwdriver gadget motifs too. Actually this Dr Who Christmas sweater, not pictured, is not really a proper knit style sweater but long sleeved sweatshirt.

However it is very cool indeed and really has to be one of the very best ugly versions existing out there. In fact, this is an example of an ugly sweater that any adult geek fan should be completely proud to wear.

Of course this makes for a really great novelty item to buy for yourself or even a gag gift for an adult fan in your life. It is completely perfect for the Christmas Holiday season coming up where you can enjoy many a party in your new, cool top.

If you absolutely need to wear a necktie in order to look smart for work or an occasion then you may as well wear a really cool looking one with a rather cool looking design. You can get a fun blue tie that features a modern piece of Whovian artwork.

You can dress smart and look geek chic fantastic all at once. Of course this can also make for a brilliant gift, particularly for the male Whovian in your life. There are also some matching tie clips to go along with this that you can buy and this will make an even better considered package to gift.

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