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Why should choosing and then wearing bathrobes need to be dull? You can now readily enjoy dressing for bedtime as one of your favorite characters from the cult classic science fiction series.

Doctor Who bathrobes are great for fans of the show to wear. You can make yourself both comfortable and warm around the home just by snuggling up into a seriously cool looking number.

My daughter was lucky to get a hooded Tardis robe for Christmas that she enjoys relaxing and chilling out in. Here’s some of my favorite designs of robes that you can see below.

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Doctor Who Bathrobes: The Very Popular Hooded Tardis Bathrobe Design

Doctor Who Bathrobes Bath Robe Dressing Gown for Fans

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

⭐ The most wanted style of robe that many Dr Who fans want is of course the Tardis design. I love this warm style of fleece Tardis bathrobe because it is also hooded and that can be particularly nice if you want to keep warmer.

My daughter’s version of this bathrobe is very similar to the one shown below which also comes with a hood. Some people love having that optional extra of a bathrobe with a hood to snuggle and keep warm in during winter months especially.

Other people don’t seem to like the extra bulk and heat from wearing them. Luckily, you will find that there are a number of choices with the Tardis bathrobe design.

Doctor Who Hooded Bathrobe, One Size Fits Most

Get this Hooded Bathrobe with Tardis Theme from

UK Readers get a Tardis Dressing Gown from

Some people don’t like the hoods so if you want a version which does not have one, there’s an officially licensed BBC version without a hood to look for.

Get yourself all snug and warm with a soft and cozy looking fleece Tardis bathrobe which is based on the ever so cool Police Box time and space machine. A one size robe should fit most adults and it also comes with a long belt in order to tie it around your waist area.

Dr Who Tardis Bathrobe

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

The lovely thing about our own fleece design, apart from it being very snug and warm to wear, is that it has two tones of blue on the fleece. There is a slightly darker blue on the cuff which just gives it a smarter appearance.

It was one of the reasons that we choose this one over some of the other designs we looked at. We also wanted a hood on ours as well as deep pockets so we checked all this out before buying.

Silver Color Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe: Enemy Style

Dr. Who Silver Dalek Inspired Terry Velour Robe for men

View this Doctor Who Dalek Style Bathrobe for Adults

UK Readers get a Dalek Dressing Gown from

Adult fans may enjoy relaxing and lounging around in one of these one-size bathrobes made to look just like The Doctor’s oldest and greatest enemy: the Dalek.

This particular design is made in a medium gray color and it has silver colored sections to look just like metal and black spots. It conjures up an image of these scary and evil alien monster creatures. It looks pretty cool and is also fun for both men and women to wear if they are particular fans of this treasured and geeky series.

This could make a great Christmas gift to present to a Whovian and especially one who really loves this particular breed of monster alien which originates from the planet Skaro. I read that this one is quite a large sized robe so it may well be best for the taller Who fans. I recommend checking out reviews of all clothing items before you buy.

11th Dr Matt Smith “Tweed Jacket” Robe

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Adult Robe

Get this 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith Bathrobe at

UK Readers get a Doctor Who design from

Are you a big fan of the 11th Dr, played by Matt Smith? This Bow Ties are Cool character adored by his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams was well known for wearing his tweed suit jacket. This is what this design is modeled on with the padded elbows at the back and the top pocket design complete with an embroidered sonic screwdriver.

I’m not sure if that top pocket is a faux pocket or not but it has two other main pockets to keep your hands warm besides. I like the fact that this design is really different and well thought through for the character it is representing. You could also get yourself some bow ties are cool slippers to match as well.

Doctor Who 10th Dr Brown Trench Coat Jacket Styled Robe Multi One Size Fits MostRobe Factory Men's Dr. Who Tardis Police Box Fleece Robe, BlueDoctor Who Blue Fleece Tardis Police Box Bathrobe one size fits mostDoctor Who Time Lord Hooded Black Cotton Bath Robe, One Size Fits Most

Of all the official licensed Who bathrobes that you can get hold of, the Tom Baker iconic long stripy scarf design has to be my favorite. It’s based on the really popular 4th Dr, played by Tom Baker, and the brilliant costume that he was so well known for with the long and striped colorful scarf.

This particular robe incorporates all of that scarf styling around the neck and down the edges of the outfit and it looks really fab to me because any one who has ever seen the Classic editions of this series will know what iconic character this one comes from.

All that you really need now are some of this character’s favorite Jelly Babies to add in with this design. You could team this up with a brown hat that Tom Baker wore and grab his version of the sonic screwdriver too.

buy Dr Who bathrobe

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

A Dr Who bathrobe is a really stylish looking and novel dressing gown gift for a geek. You may well have got the perfect gift for a Whovian fan. It could also be fun to wear one as a Halloween costume too. Add on the correct accessories and a sonic screwdriver and then use the whole getup as a novel and fun way to dress for Halloween.

You can use it to parade around like a real Time Lord in your own home or buy one for a real geek fan of this hit sci-fi series. I know I’d be very pleased to wake up on Christmas morning and open up a cool gift like this. Have fun choosing a great design.

These robes can make really great gift choices for the cool winter season especially for fans. How about quickly turning yourself into everyone’s favorite time and space machine, the Tardis, while getting warm.

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