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Super Cute Cupcake Themed Gifts

Get some ideas here for super cute cupcake themed gifts which makes a really sweet treat theme for Christmas, birthday and other occasion items.

Here’s a deliciously sweet selection of these novelty and fun items for people who happen to love this theme. There are also some cute collectible keepsakes and items that you can really delight in, all without gaining any calories whatsoever.

There is a selection here of some carefully chosen and gorgeous items that you can buy for the home. And it is all on one handy page.

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Super Cute Cupcake Themed Gifts to Enjoy

cupcake ceramic gift figurine with baker figures

Image Credit: Original image shared by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay with a CC License

There are some great ideas on this page for cupcake themed items and merchandise that should really appeal to adults. As a big fan of these sweet treats myself, I can show you a selection of products that could make great items to present to other fans of this mini sweet bake too. Let’s take a look.

Cupcake Fairy Figurine Pink With Candle

Get this Cupcake Fairy Figurine from

UK Readers get a Cupcake Figurine from

Here's a pretty looking pink cupcake fairy figurine which can be bought as a keepsake gift. As well as this pink cupcake fairy, there are other designs including a sweet and adorable looking keepsake figurine from the My Little Kitchen Fairies range.

I love the cute looking fairy who is wearing a pretty looking yellow dress with a blue and white apron over the top. Her wings look translucent. She is stood on top of some stones and next to a pretty purple flower.

⭐ There are many other cupcake figurines to choose from including another one in this range which features a sweet looking spring themed fairy along with a green cupcake and a cute little lamb.

This design, not pictured, is an adorable looking Easter themed piece with the little lamb resting sweetly on top of a spring green color cupcake and with the very sweet little fairy character too. Figurines can make wonderful choices of gift for collectors or to give as a touching keepsake item.

Crystal Cupcake Covered Candy Dish Box

View this Crystal Cupcake Candy Dish with Lid on

Making what I think is a particularly sweet keepsake gift is this pretty and clear crystal glass cupcake shaped candy dish. I like the fact that it is covered and comes complete with a lid.

The lid completes the look of the cupcake with a swirled design and cherry design handle. The small dish can be used for candy as suggested as well as other small items such as mints, little trinkets, lipsticks and balm or anything that will neatly store inside the width of the item.

If you get this, you could also get hold of some flavored lip gloss, not pictured, which come in little cupcake themed holders. These could look good sitting inside a little dish like this.

These little items can also make for great little stocking fillers and also as party favors as well. A fantastically cute set of lip gloss can be ideal for themed birthday celebrations and occasions.

Appletree Design Life Is Sweet Pink Cupcake Salt and Pepper Set

Buy this Salt and Pepper Shaker Set at

UK Readers get a Salt and Pepper Set from

How adorable looking are these themed pink cupcake salt and pepper shakers. They could be particularly great for a sweet kitchen decor theme and also to pop out on display. These could make a cute, bright and cheerful gift to sit neatly alongside a collection of other sweet treats in the kitchen.

They can be used for a pretty display or for the more practical use at a kitchen or dining room table. These items should also match up with other items to create a cute home decor theme. There is a matching lidded cupcake mug from Appletree Design.

Appletree Design Life Is Sweet Cupcake Mug with Pink Lid

Get this Cupcake Mug with Pink Lid from

UK Readers get a Cupcake Mug from

Lidded mugs are a great idea and they don't come sweeter than this cupcake design with a pink lid. For the festive Holiday season, there is also a striking looking red mug with a candy cane design handle, sprinkles and peppermint candy in place of a cherry on the top. It comes complete with a lid and a matching spoon too.

Look out for some other deliciously sweet mugs that come with yummy looking frosted lids on top. It’s a cute idea to have a set of mugs that look like cupcakes with the beautifully iced and frosted lids.

Which fan of these pretty little candy cakes wouldn’t want to sip a hot beverage from a lidded mug and especially in the winter. It is an item which should make a great addition to the home and a lovely choice of gift too.

Kid's Cupcake Crystal and Enamel Pendant Necklace in Cup Cake shaped Gift Jewelry BOX-colors may varyBirthday Bath Cupcake Big SURPRISE & DELIGHT Someone on their Birthday with this Beautifully Handcrafted Bath Bomb Cupcake Scented in a Fun Vanilla Berry CupcakeLUI SUI Yummy Famous Cupcake Design Woman Cross-body Bag Attractiv Party Small Shoulder Bag Exquisite Handbag CupcakesSpinningdaisy Crystal Cherry on the Top Cupcake Earrings (Pink)

Another idea is to look for a cute retro patterned cupcake apron featuring this design. This is a gift that could be worn with a lot of pride in the kitchen. There are some really fun and flirty, retro inspired patterned aprons which look to flatter the female figure. This type of design is extremely popular with adults looking for a styling which shows off a curvy figure.

Zazzle have a good selection of themed cupcake mugs which make wonderful gifts. You can even customize the text on many of the designs to include your own choice of text or perhaps the name of the person who is going to receive one of these items. Have fun selecting a great item for someone who loves to collect cuteness.

For another keepsake idea, there are a number of gorgeous little jewelry boxes shaped as cupcakes that you can store rings and little trinkets in. These jewelry boxes, which are not pictured, are very pretty looking little trinket boxes.

Some of them are hand-painted and also decorated as well with some sparkling crystals for an added bit of bling to enjoy. A trinket box should look great as a piece of cute bedroom decor and they are also pretty practical too.

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