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Cupcake Figurines for Birthdays and Collecting

I’m a pretty big fan of these dainty little cakes and not just the type that you eat. Cupcake figurines and collectibles can make for sweet and adorable items.

These suggestions can offer a wonderful way to add some themed decor into your home. They also make for some really charming gifts as well.

You’ll see my favorite pick of designs that I love together on one page. The colors and design are beautiful to look at.

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Cupcake Figurines for Birthday Celebration Gifts and Collecting as Keepsakes

pink and white cupcake figurine glossy ceramic item

Image Credit: Original image shared by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay with a CC License

⭐ Collect as many of these cupcake figurines as you like, all without adding anything to your waistline. They are ideal choices for occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s Day. I love looking at these pretty looking designs all in the knowledge that they won’t affect my diet.

One of my favorites, now retired, is a wonderful figurine which shows a sweet little fairy girl along with a spring lamb which is resting on the soft frosting of a cupcake.

Precious Moments Birthday Cupcake Figurine

Buy this Precious Moments Figurine from

Anyone could make a birthday wish in style with this adorable looking woman from the Precious Moments range. There is another similar style featuring a girl blowing out a candle on her cupcake. I really love this range which has been around for many years.

The popularity of it never seems to age or wane and it has so many really cute characters. I love how Precious Moments often use soft pastel colors with their figurines and sculptures which gives them a dreamy look. This could be given as an appropriate gift to anyone celebrating a birthday.

Swarovski Mouse Figurine, Pink Cupcake

Get this Swarovski Crystal Mouse Design with Pink Cupcake from

UK Readers get a Swarovski Design from

This eye catching piece is a step away from the usual resin, ceramic or porcelain figurines that we see. This little bear is made from Swarovski crystals.

If you’ve never heard of this beautiful and sparkling range of crystals, they are bang on trend. This company has celebrity models such as Miranda Kerr who advertise them.

Swarovski are much better known for their jewelry line, however you can also discover a wonderful range of these sparkling gems set in ladies watches, sculptures and tree ornaments.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Fairy on Christmas Cupcake Figurine 4.5 IN

See this Jim Shore Fairy on a Christmas Cupcake Figurine at

UK Readers get a Cupcake Figurine from

This is another one of my favorite designs. This one combines these charming little cakes so well with the festive Holiday season. It is called Fairy on Christmas Cupcake and it is made by the wonderful creator and artist, Jim Shore.

This design features a very festive looking green cupcake with a star and colorful sprinkles on the frosting and a Christmas fairy sitting on the top.

Swarovski Crystal Cupcake with Pink Mouse FigurinePrecious Moments Woman Lady with Large Happy Birthday Cupcake FigurineCherished Teddies Teddy Bear Figurine Bake Someone Happy Cook ChefJim Shore Heartwood Creek Happy Birthday Miniature Cupcake Figurine Collectible

The fairy girl has taken off the cherry topping and she is instead holding it in her hands. She wears a pretty red dress just right for the season and a Santa hat which is accented with a sprig of holly.

This is such an adorable looking and charming design of cupcake figurine. You can put this one out for your seasonal display this year or gift it instead, if you can truly bear to be parted with it. This is an older item that can now be harder to find but you can often source it on an auction site.

Lenox Tinkerbell Tink's Birthday Treat Figurine

View this Lenox Tinkerbell Figurine from

Let Tinkerbell, the fun fairy straight out of Peter Pan, wish someone a magical birthday. This is a Lenox design called Tink's Birthday Treat. Tinkerbell is smiling and holding up a lovely looking pink cupcake with a crystal accent.

This hand-painted ivory porcelain figurine is a classic Lenox piece of fine china. The wings on Tinkerbell seem to have a pearly sheen to them as well.

Betty Boop is another well-loved character. She has a water globe design which could make for an ideal birthday item. It is not pictured here because I can no longer find it.

On this one, Betty is snuggled up next to a wrapped gift which has a very cute puppy sitting inside. This is a sweet looking globe with a Happy Birthday gift tag on top which finishes it off.

If you want to try and find it on an auction site, it is a design by Westland Giftware. They also have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse globe too also featuring this cupcake theme.

Department 56 Snowbabies Classics Zero Calorie Cupcakes Figurine 4.13-Inch

Get this Snowbabies Zero Calorie Figurine from

UK Readers get a Snowbabies Figurine from

Here’s an adorable looking little baby theme design ideal for a Snowbabies collector or as a piece to give for a new baby keepsake. This little sculpture features a snow baby angel character sat in a high chair. In front of her are three very tempting pink iced cupcakes on the tray out in front.

I love how the rosy blush pink on the iced frosting matches perfectly with the shade on the baby’s cheeks. Little details make all the difference with these collectibles.

This is a charmingly detailed looking keepsake. I enjoy looking at the texture of the baby snowsuit and the contented expression on the face of this angelic child. Lots of people love to collect Snowbabies and this particular item should appeal to cupcake collectors as well.

This figurine could also make a wonderful gift for a 3 or even a 30 year old because of the significance of those three little cakes on the tray. It could make a great choice of item to give to a daughter, a grandchild or a niece.

Perhaps you would rather buy it for yourself so that you have some wonderful memories of something special every time you glance at it.

If there is any type of collectibles that I like more than anything else it is the Charming Tails range. I just really adore these cute looking mice characters who get up to all kinds of fun situations.

This festive figurine is particularly fun with the mouse stretching up to add the yellow star on top of a 3 tier green cupcake style tree. This could be a great little keepsake item to buy someone for Christmas. With this range, you can look out to see if your beady eyes can spot the tiny little ladybug that appears on every single piece.

Westland Giftware Cupcakes Mini Figurine

See the Chichuahua Dog with Sweet Treats Design at

This very sweet looking Chihuahua dog is pretty much all dressed up in cakes. This makes for quite a sweet and an unusual looking keepsake. It could be great for a dog owner or fan. The Chihuahua is sitting there gazing off into space, while being decorated with cupcakes, conversation hearts and a pink heart eye patch.

The whole piece is fun and novel and finished off charmingly with a big, red bow round his neck which makes it ideal for gift giving. It is a perfect looking little piece for dog fans.

There is another design from Westland Giftware with the dog who bursts out from inside a cake. He is shown rather tellingly licking his lips which makes it a very fun piece. I love the fact that this one is wearing the cherry on the top of his head.

One of my all time favorite designs, not pictured, is that of a sweet spring fairy girl figure shown along with a lamb on a cupcake. This one makes a lovely looking piece of home decor for the spring season with a great Easter theme design.

It is a charming piece to put on display in the home with some lovely pastel colors. I love that it is colored in a pale green which makes a little grass bed for the lamb to sit on. It has a gorgeous little fairy girl with her ruffled pants and bonnet. The whole piece is simply adorable. You may still find one via an auction site.

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